Gemini Woman And Cancer Man

In the reverse relationship where Gemini woman meets the Cancer man, there will again be an instant attraction with the passionate and zealous nature of the man and flirtatious nature of the woman contributing significantly to such developments. Cancer man requires a lot of love, care, as well as attention but it will be very difficult for the Gemini woman to provide the same.

She will be having a lot of distractions and both require a lot of adjustments to carry out. Cancer man always lives with sensations, emotions as well as imaginations. For him, Gemini lover will always be the biggest dream coming true. His devotion to woman is steady and solid and it will always be long term as well. Sense of security of Cancer man will be driven by need to invest as well as the fear of not having the desired security when it is most required. Financial extravagance of Gemini woman and her playing mind games may come in the way of relationship but her sentimental gestures as well charm will help to keep the relation alive. Problem is that she will be frequently changing her feelings that the usually stable Cancer man will highly distaste. Gemini woman is a charmer who never feels the attachment and Cancer man is one who always fears the detachment and goes sentimentally overboard.


Cancer man knows how to treat his lady as he is gentle and he will also establish that chivalry is not yet dead. While Gemini woman will try to persuade the Cancer man into things she is interested in and will tend to show her love through gifts as well as small items and such insane extravagance will irritate the Cancer man no end. Plus point in their relationship will be inspiring and highly satisfying sexual life. Cancer is sensitive and will mix well with ever changing nature of Gemini. Since he will be able to change according to her needs, the relationship is likely to be exotic. One benefit of such constant changes would be that no one will be bored at any point of time. He will feel special when she expresses her desires for affections and makes love to her and he will show the warmth and protection that will melt her completely. Strong bond between Cancer man and Gemini woman will not surface alone since he will need to possess her may cut into the relationship quite maliciously. The attitude of Gemini woman to fly away seeking freedom is something that Cancer man cannot digest.

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