Cancer Woman And Gemini Man

When Gemini man comes in contact with Cancer woman, his vivaciousness, enthusiasm and high levels of energy will instantly attract the woman. On the other hand the man will be drawn by the unassuming charm and sensitive manners of the woman. However, differences will start cropping up as the time passes. Rational Gemini man may seem too cold as well as distant for the naturally warm heated Cancer woman. Moreover his aversion for the commitments is likely to make Cancer woman highly insecure and this may result in her finally going away from him.


Gemini man has great insight that helps him analyze the people pretty quickly and will never hold on to a past that is no longer required and will never understand why others cling to memories of the past. He will not stick to any one person or place and that is what irritates the naturally loyal Cancer too much. On her side cancer woman is most intensively aware about human nature. Despite looking busy in life she is cautious and measured. Usually she will keep to herself and this might irritate Gemini man who does not like seclusion of any kind. Problem is that Cancer woman just cannot walk away from the old relationships. Cancer woman will sincerely try to satisfy her Gemini man in all respect but when she feels that she is at the verge of success, unpredictable Gemini will change gears and this may leave Cancer woman teary eyed and frustrated. In fact, the two lovers will never be able to work each other out.

Cancer woman will be tender, affectionate as well as highly imaginative while Gemini man is highly sensitive sexually and delicate in his touches. Strong point in the relationship therefore will be the sexual bond created between the duos. Yet as Gemini man is not on sure footing in expressing his feeling and cannot make the Cancer woman seem highly desirable for him, feuds will always crop up between them. Craving of Cancer woman will run high but if she waits for the Gemini man to come up and make passionate sex, she will only meet with frustration and disillusion. Better course for her would be taking the first step with the Gemini man and it will be easy for Cancer woman with her natural ability to hold on to her lover.

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